UK Cylinders

UK Cylinders is renowned for its dedication to employing highly skilled engineers who craft a wide range of top-quality products tailored to meet diverse customer needs. Their Flowcyl products stand out in the industry, manufactured using the finest raw materials and components, available in many specifications to suit various applications.

Every product from UK Cylinders comes with a manufacturer's guarantee, with rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the latest standards and regulations. This commitment to quality ensures reliability and customer satisfaction across their product range.

UK Cylinders’ team of local manufacturing experts consistently delivers high-quality products, providing value for money without compromising on performance. Their engineers bring extensive experience and a deep passion for exceeding customer expectations, not just in terms of product quality but also in customer service.

The company leverages the latest manufacturing technologies to maintain high standards of quality and flexibility, enabling them to meet specific customer needs efficiently. By manufacturing most components in-house—from rolling and punching stainless steel sheets to precision welding, insulating, and casing—UK Cylinders ensures that each product adheres to the highest standards.

With significant investments in their manufacturing processes and technology, UK Cylinders confidently offers products that provide superior hot water performance for both domestic and commercial applications, ensuring excellent reliability and value for money.

UK Cylinders continues to set the benchmark in the industry for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making them a go-to source for anyone needing top-tier water heating solutions.