Trianco Activair R290 High Temp HP Pack with Sunamp Thermal Battery by Trianco, bringing heating to life

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  • Description

    The Thermino hpPV-VT thermal battery is a space-saving thermal storage solution for heat pumps linked to solar PV, offering greater protection against soaring energy costs. Compatible with selected Trianco ActivAir high temperature air source heat pumps, this advanced system enhances energy efficiency and sustainability.

    Key Features:

    • Hot Water: Provides instant, high flow-rate hot water.
    • Cold Water: Efficiently stores heat to ensure a consistent supply.
    • Heat Sources: Charges using both heat pump and or solar PV.
    • High Temperature Capability: Heat pump system must be capable of 65°C at battery inlet.

    Why Choose Thermino hpPV-VT?

    At GB Heat Pumps, we provide the Thermino hpPV-VT to offer our customers a reliable and efficient hot water solution. This thermal battery is designed to work with solar PV systems, maximising energy savings and reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

    Energy Efficiency: Utilises surplus electricity from solar PV that would otherwise be lost to the grid, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

    Space-Saving Design: Super-compact and up to four times smaller than traditional hot water cylinders, freeing up valuable space in your home.

    Easy Installation: No venting required, making it a straightforward addition to your heating system.

    Enhanced Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Trianco ActivAir high temperature heat pumps.


    Increased Comfort: Provides reliable hot water on demand.

    Energy Savings: Links solar PV with a heat pump cylinder alternative for greater protection against energy price rises.

    Sustainability: Lowers energy use and carbon emissions.

    Flexibility: Compatible with a range of power diverters.

    Upgrade to the Thermino hpPV-VT thermal battery with GB Heat Pumps and enjoy a smarter, more efficient hot water solution. Protect your home against rising energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint with this innovative system.

  • Product Range

    Available Models:

    Thermino 150 hpPV-VT

    Thermino 210 hpPV-VT

    Thermino 300 hpPV-VT

  • PDF's

    PDFAcitvAir Manual

    PDFTrianco GBHP Brochure

    PDFThermino hpPV-VT Brochure

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