Trianco Activair R290 High Temp Heat Pump by Trianco, bringing heating to life

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  • Description

    At GB Heat Pumps, we are committed to providing top-quality, British heating solutions. Our selection of Trianco Activair High Temperature Heat Pumps is designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and technology. Here’s why these heat pumps are an excellent choice for domestic and commercial heating needs:

    High Efficiency: The Activair High Temperature Units use R290 gas, one of the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants available. This enables high flow temperatures, significantly reducing the need for immersion heaters to combat legionella.

    Versatile Installation: With the capability to produce high flow temperatures, many installations can be completed without the need to replace existing radiators, saving both time and money.

    Accredited and Eligible for Grants: Our heat pumps are MCS and Kitemark accredited, qualifying them for government grants of up to £7,500 when installed by an MCS accredited installer.

    Smart Control Technology: Each Activair Heat Pump comes with smart app control, allowing users to manage their heat pump remotely. The app provides useful information such as power usage and system codes, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

    Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty by Trianco

    Trianco offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all Activair Heat Pumps, ensuring our customers receive reliable and long-lasting performance.

    Key Benefits:

    • Eco-Friendly: Utilises R290 gas, minimising environmental impact.
    • Cost-Effective: Potentially no need to replace radiators, saving on installation costs.
    • Generous Grants: Up to £7,500 in government grants available.
    • Advanced Technology: Convenient app control for easy management.
    • Reliability: Backed by Trianco's 5-year comprehensive warranty.

    Choose GB Heat Pumps for your heating solutions and provide your customers with the best in high-efficiency, British-made products. Upgrade to the Activair High Temperature Heat Pump and experience unmatched performance and convenience.

  • Product Range

    Activair High Temperature Heating + DHW Heat Pump

    Available Models:

    • 9kW
    • 15kW
    • 22kW

    Performance Specs:

    Operating at 7°C ambient temperature

    Producing 35°C water outlet

  • PDF's

    PDFAcitvAir Manual

    PDFTrianco GBHP Brochure

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