The Homely App

The Homely App

Designed to put you in control of your home heating. It’s easy to use and intuitive.

Set different schedules for different days

We know that life is constantly changing.

Use the app to set heating schedules that fit around you.

Be in control, anywhere

You can use the app anywhere you can use your phone. Other side of the world or on the bus home, you’re in control.

All the features you need

Going on holidays for a few days so don’t want the house heated? Got guests staying and need a hot water boost? The Homely app has got it all covered.

Helps unlock savings

The app is designed to help you optimise savings on your heating bill, whilst still ensuring a cosy, comfortable home.

Where can I get Homely?

Homely can be purchased by any of our Approved Installers through GB Heat Pumps. If you’d like a Homely, ask your chosen heat pump installer to get in touch and we’ll get them all signed up.

Are you an Installer? Get in touch and we will tell you everything you need to know about becoming an Approved Installer and we can then supply and support you on your journey.