Setting the Standard for Quality and Innovation

Exceptional Efficiency

Boasting SCOP figures of 4.91, the British made MCS approved Ebac Heat Pumps are amongst the most efficient on the market. Efficiency was at the forefront of the design process.

Whisper Quiet Operation

The combination of a durable and robust steel casing, along with an optimized design, ensures a quiet and unobtrusive operation, providing a peaceful environment.

Innovative Defrost system

Ebac introduces a patent-pending defrost system that goes beyond traditional methods, resulting in remarkable cost savings of over £130 per annum in running costs.

Advanced Control System

Enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use control system that provides seamless diagnostics and compatibility with most control systems, in particular the innovative Homely system which further optimises the Heat Pumps efficiency.

Distinctive Aesthetics

Ebac’s air source heat pumps feature a sleek and contemporary design, offering a refreshing take on the traditional appearance of heat pumps.

Effortless Installation

With the flexibility of floor and wall mounting, with specifically design brackets from Ebac, as well as minimal wiring, installation becomes hassle-free.

Multiple output options

Achieve high efficiency performance with extra large coils that enhances both performance and efficiency, while a high-performance fan maximizes air flow for optimal operation.

Tailored for the UK climate

After countless hours of studying data of the UK climate, the Ebac Design team set to tune the control logic to ensure optimum running efficiency.

Market-leading warranty

Benefit from peace of mind with a comprehensive 7-year warranty, covering both parts & labour. This industry leading warranty guarantees years of dependable & efficient heating.