Hot Water Cylinders

The Elite Cyl heat pump cylinder is fitted with a market leading high efficiency heat exchanger (coil) with an enhanced surface area to 

ensure the rapid transfer of the low temperature inputs of ground  & air source heat pumps. 

The Elite Cyl heat pump range comes complete with all the fittings you will need for a complete trouble free installation. All the items provided in the unvented kit, ensure your installation meets Part G of the Building Regulations.


> Supplied with a manufacturer’s backed 25 year cylinder warranty and 2 years parts warranty. 

> Available in capacities from 120ltr - 600ltr.

> Manufactured from high grade 1mm thick Duplex Stainless Steel. 

> Fully insulated with 50mm 100% CFC and HCFC free polyurethane to minimise heat loss. 

> High quality 100% recyclable silver casing. 

> Supplied with high quality unvented components. 

> All plumbing connections are clearly identified with their description embossed into the cylinder case.

> Supplied with 22mm hot and cold connections on 90ltr - 300ltr, 28mm hot and cold connections on 

400ltr - 600ltr. 

> 12mm sensor probe pocket included for heat pump controls. 

> Market leading and highly efficient primary coil to ensure rapid exchange of heat from heat pump.

> Long-life 3kW Incoloy immersion heater supplied as standard. 

> Immersion heater upgrades available upon request - i.e. Titanium or 6kW.

> Supplied with all safety controls as required by UK Building Regulations