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Heat your home efficiently and reduce your heating bills by up to 25%.

Satisfied customers

Homely offers the most efficient way to control a heat pump, providing homeowners potential savings of 25% on heating bills. By optimising performance and usage, Homely maximises efficiency to reduce energy consumption and costs. Satisfied customers enjoy increased comfort with less effort thanks to Homely’s intelligent automation and customised guidance. This results in fewer call backs and complaints for installers. With outstanding savings and satisfaction, homeowners are empowered and installers avoid issues, making Homely the future of efficient, electrified home climate management.

Perfect weather compensation

Homely provides continuous weather compensation to automatically optimise heat pump efficiency. The system monitors local weather conditions and adjusts operating parameters accordingly, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. This self-tuning capability ensures the heat pump runs in the most efficient mode at all times, maximising performance across changing outdoor temperatures and conditions. By handling weather compensation automatically, Homely removes the complexity of system configuration and keeps heat pumps running at peak efficiency without installer intervention.

Ready for the future

Homely is ready for the future of electrified, connected homes. Upcoming integrations with solar PV, electric vehicle charging, and battery storage will allow Homely to holistically optimise the electrified home. By factoring in onsite generation, storage capacity, and controllable loads, Homely will schedule and balance energy resources to maximise self-consumption and cost savings. This will provide homeowners with a seamless experience managing their electrified systems while reducing grid dependence. With an eye towards the future, Homely establishes a foundation for the smart, efficient use of renewable energy in modern homes.

Smooth transitions

The intelligent assistant optimises heating and provides customised usage tips for each property, keeping residents comfortable and informed. This results in fewer customer calls for installers and developers. By empowering homeowners, Homely creates a smoother experience for all and builds confidence in heat pump technology. This hands-on support means installers and developers can focus on scaling sustainable solutions, not troubleshooting. Homely streamlines the resident journey – optimising comfort, boosting satisfaction, and reducing installers overheads.

Homely learns

The Wireless Temperature Node allows Homely to track how each house heats and cools. By identifying the specific heat pump installed in the property, Homely can factor in its specifications when optimising temperatures. Additionally, Homely accounts for homeowner preferences on how they want their house heated. With data on the home’s thermal performance, the heating system, and desired temperatures, Homely can deliver customised climate control tailored to each unique property.

Homely is driven by data

Weather forecasts and solar predictions allow Homely to optimise energy use for each property. By accessing location-specific weather data, Homely can predict solar irradiation levels to determine how much sunlight will hit each home the next day. For customers on variable rate programmes like Octopus Agile, Homely factors in the next day’s electricity prices when optimising based on the specific Smart tariff details. By leveraging weather and rate data, Homely provides customised energy optimisation tailored to each property’s unique conditions and pricing.

What to expect with Homely

Really, it’s what to expect from having a Heat Pump. Homely is just optimising its efficiency. Heat pumps are different to boilers and some things will become apparent quite quickly.

Your heat pump will be on a lot – that’s as it should be. Heat pumps work best when they heat the home gently and constantly. You can still achieve savings because they are so efficient and Homely is taking that to the max.

Your home is heating gradually so your radiators don’t need to be hot to the touch.

The best of both worlds. How so? Homely runs your heat pump in the most efficient way possible, which is slowly and constantly. That means a comfortable, consistent cosiness, delivered in most optimised way possible.

The Homely App

Designed to put you in control of your home heating. It’s easy to use and intuitive.

Set different schedules for different days

We know that life is constantly changing.

Use the app to set heating schedules that fit around you.

Be in control, anywhere

You can use the app anywhere you can use your phone. Other side of the world or on the bus home, you’re in control.

All the features you need

Going on holidays for a few days so don’t want the house heated? Got guests staying and need a hot water boost? The Homely app has got it all covered.

Helps unlock savings

The app is designed to help you optimise savings on your heating bill, whilst still ensuring a cosy, comfortable home.

Where can I get Homely?

Homely can be purchased by any of our Approved Installers through GB Heat Pumps. If you’d like a Homely, ask your chosen heat pump installer to get in touch and we’ll get them all signed up.

Are you an Installer? Get in touch and we will tell you everything you need to know about becoming an Approved Installer and we can then supply and support you on your journey.

Homely. The future of the optimised, electrified home.

Today, Homely is the smartest way to control and optimise a heat pump. Tomorrow Homely will become the smartest way to control the optimised, electrified home.

Heat pump, Solar PV, EV and Battery Storage – all being managed in the smartest way possible. That is closer than you may think. We have a Homely in a real home already doing this.

There is more work to be done before we can make it widely available but, rest assured, you are future-proofing your future home energy management system requirements with Homely.