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  • Description


    The Inta Zero is a unique anti-freeze valve designed and engineered to protect heat pump systems that are operating with water.

    Designed to discharge when the system water temperature drops to 3°C, preventing ice from forming in the heat pump circuit that could cause breakdown or costly damage to the system.

  • Product Range

    Product Range

    Zero - Anti-freeze valve 28mmZERO28
    Zero - Anti-freeze valve 35mmZERO35
    Zero - Anti-freeze valve 1˝ maleZERO001
    Zero - Anti-freeze valve 1 1/4" maleZERO114
    Insulation for 28mm / 1" Zero Anti-freeze valveINSULZERO28
    Insulation for 35mm / 1 1/4" Zero Anti-freeze valveINSULZERO35
    Anti-freeze valve protectorZEROGUARD
  • PDF's

    PDFTechnical Data Sheet

    PDFZero Anti Freeze Valve IOM

    PDFZero Anti Freeze Valve Spares

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