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⚠️ GB Heat Pumps are pleased to announce that the TRIANCO ActivAir qualifies for 25% innovation uplift! ⚠️

Elevate Your Projects with Our Premium Heat Pumps - Designed for the Trade

Dependable Solutions for Installers

At GB Heat Pumps, dependability, efficiency, and quality come first. Our premium heat pumps and accessories are made to reduce the need for service and repairs, giving our installers more time to concentrate on bringing in and maintaining new clients.

Our area of expertise is providing all the necessary hardware needed to install the system between the house and the heat pump. Although we don’t deal with heat emitters, pipework and other less specialist items your local merchant supplies you,  we do provide the most cutting-edge technologies available to help the system operate as efficiently as possible.

Choose us for Your Heat Pump Installation Needs

We’re proud to collaborate with IntaTec, a leading supplier in the heating and plumbing industries. Their commitment to quality, safety, and style is evident in their wide range of products, from magnetic filters to thermostatic radiator valves. With high stock availability, Inta meets market demands promptly and efficiently.

By choosing GB Heat Pumps and Inta, you’re not just choosing top-tier products. You’re choosing a partnership that brings reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Join us in our mission to provide the best for our installers and customers. Let’s elevate your business together.


A Reliable Choice for ECO 4 Installers

Our ASHP range aligns perfectly with the ECO 4 scheme, focusing on insulation and heating measures that support vulnerable consumer groups. By choosing GB Heat Pumps, installers are not only supporting British industry but also benefiting from uplifts for promoting innovative class leading sustainable certified British technology. We’re proud to be a part of the movement that champions local expertise and contributes to a greener future.

For Installers and Technicians

Our ASHP systems come with comprehensive support and training materials, enabling you to deliver top-notch installations. With the growing emphasis on eco-friendly heating solutions, our products offer a competitive edge in the market, backed by full certification and adherence to UK standards, with the peace of mind of knowing you’re supported by British manufactures.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) Installers

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers substantial grants for the installation of heat pumps and biomass boilers, making it an opportune time for BUS installers to expand their offerings with our certified ASHP units. With grants up to £7,500 available, our products are not only environmentally friendly but also economically advantageous.

Housing Developers

In anticipation of the Future Homes Standard, our ASHPs are the ideal choice for new developments. Designed to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, our systems are an essential component for any project aiming to meet the stringent requirements set for 2025 and beyond.

Local Councils

Local authorities play a pivotal role in housing supply and energy efficiency. By incorporating British ASHP technology into housing projects, councils can ensure that new developments are not only sustainable but also contribute to the broader goal of a carbon-neutral future We’re proud to be a part of the movement that champions local expertise and contributes to a greener future.


Architects and Specifiers

Our ASHP units are engineered to integrate seamlessly into modern building designs, providing architects and specifiers with a reliable, eco-friendly heating solution. With the flexibility to adapt to various architectural styles, our heat pumps are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Trade Partnerships

At GB Heat Pumps, we value the power of collaboration and are committed to fostering enduring partnerships with trade professionals. Our approach is built on a foundation of mutual growth and success, ensuring that when you partner with us, you gain more than just a supplier—you gain an ally in the industry.

Bulk Pricing Advantage

We understand the competitive nature of the trade market. That’s why we offer exclusive bulk pricing options that provide significant savings, allowing you to scale your operations and increase profitability.

Dedicated Account Management

Each trade partner is assigned a dedicated account manager who is committed to understanding and meeting your unique business needs. Our account managers are industry experts, equipped to offer personalised service and support.

Technical Support You Can Rely On

Our technical support team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are readily available to assist with any queries or challenges you may encounter. From installation guidance to troubleshooting, we ensure you have the expert support you need, when you need it.

Technical Training and Support

Empower Your Skills with Our Expert Training

We offer a robust training program designed to equip installers and technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ASHP market. Our training includes:

Online Tutorials

Accessible 24/7, these tutorials cover everything from basic principles to advanced troubleshooting.

Hands-On Workshops:

Conducted by experienced professionals, these sessions provide practical experience in ASHP installation and maintenance.

Technical Documentation

Comprehensive manuals and guides are available to support your understanding and application of our products.

Trade Account Registration

Join Our Trade Network Setting up a trade account with us is straightforward and offers numerous benefits:

  • Prerequisites: Simply provide your business details and proof of trade status.
  • Benefits: Enjoy exclusive discounts, early product releases, and dedicated support.
  • Simple Online Form: Complete our easy online application to start the process.